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Train Shipping Logistics Warehousing Services China To France Italy Europe

Product Details
Place of Origin: China
Feedback: 24 Hours Response
Insurance: Feedback
DDP: DDP To Europe & USA & Australia
Airport Of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing, Daqing, Chongqing, Changsha ....
Carriers: EK TK LH BA AA CA HU CZ GA OZ JL ...
Warehouse: Storage And Bonded Warehouse Services
Export Customs: Customs Declaration And Export Documents
Price: Negotiation
Delivery Time: 3 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P D/A, MoneyGram, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Escrow
Train Shipping Logistic Services to France Italy China to Europe Dear Customer Good day to you, This is Aad. Nice to serve you. Thank for browing my ...

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